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Commerical Metal & Art Sculptures

Welcome to Creative Artistic Steel. We are a small metal fabrication business located in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Designing and creating all sorts of metal work & art forms throughout Melbourne & Australia wide. Whether it's for your place of business or even your own home. We can design and manufacture a whole range of metal work to suit your style and budget.


We are famous for designing and constructing the large rooftop metal street sculptures in Acland Street St.Kilda. Always a show piece on travel shows and travel magazines.We also have some great metal sculptures on show, at the Marrickvile Street shops in Marrickvile NSW. Where quite a few shops have metal sculptures on top of their shops.

We can create things like:

  • Metal signage (with or without lights)
  • Commercial gates and fencing
  • Residential gates and fencing (period homes our speciality)
  • Metal house numbers
  • Art deco lighting both inside and out
  • Gothic style chandeliers
  • Metal Window security frames
  • Garden metal sculptures
  • Large outdoor people sculptures (great for shop fronts - such as Acland St., St Kilda)
  • Custom made steel furniture
  • Metal wall art
  • and more…

We work with all sorts of steel & metals. And we always guarantee our work and ensure that any metal work can withstand the outdoor elements.

Check out some of our work below. Or you can browse our website for all sorts of metal creations. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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